Pinata Cakes



Smash cakes/Hammer cakes



The piñata cake is named after the Mexican party centerpieces made from papier mache and filled with gifts and has a hollow center which is used to hold your favorite sweets.


Piñata cakes are a thing, and they’re mesmerizing…


Piñata cakes look exactly how they sound, and they’re delicious to boot.


Even if you don’t have a birthday or a celebration coming up, there are plenty of reasons as to why you should order a Pinata Cake….


This cake is very popular and also called Chocolate Smash Cake.


Choose from these or customize as per your choice of filling or color or style.

Have a look at our happy customers while smashing the Cakevalley’s Pinatas….



So apparently people are actually buying cakes with the sole intention of destroying them for a surprise inside, which can be a cake, chocolates, or gifts….



For realsies, it’s a thing, and it’s called the cake smash….

Cakevalley’s Pinata Cakes

Choose from these or tell us your choice of color and flavor. We turn your Imagination into reality.

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