Komal Kalani

Komal Kalani – Head Chef at Cakevalley

Komal Kalani


I am Komal Kalani, founder of Cakevalley Delhi. Cakevalley, where Imagination becomes Reality. It was my passion and I followed it…


I am a housewife, mother of 2 kids. When my husband and kids came to know about my desires and passion.., they all supported me and wanted me to fulfill my dreams. Today, where I am standing, is all because of my Family.


I work professionally with all my skills and talent to give out my best for each cake. You can see me working on a cake with all my heart.


Cakevalley not only offers the best custom cakes in Delhi but also it is the best place to learn baking and become a certified home baker to become an entrepreneur…


At Cakevalley you will get all types of cakes, muffins, brownies, cookies, bonbons, macarons, and much much more.


We take customized orders for wedding cakes, wedding gift boxes, gift hampers, etc.


I am very proud to announce that Cakevalley has been recognized as one of Delhi’s top 10 HomeBakers.

Our Masterpieces


Bodhisattva Wedding Cake
Buddha cake 12″

Totally freehand painting direct on the draped tier
No cut out used.

Leaves made freehand without using any cutter or viener.
Flowers – Each flower has 45 petals tried to give a realistic look on the lotus Lily flower.

Ciao Bella

Ciao Bella Wedding Cake

Flowers used for this cake:-
• 2 POMPOM DAHLIA – 200 petals are used to make 1 flower


English Embroidery Wedding Cake

Our Achievements

3 Tier Cake

Merit List

Top 25 bakers in Delhi 2019

India's Top 100 bakers


Wedding Cake category

Sassy baker of the Week

Featured on

Fondbites Magazine July 2020

Delhi's Top 25 Homebakers, 2019

Bake Sweet Memories

Consolation Prize

Whipped Creme Category

Consolation Winner

Wedding Cake category

Bean Paste Flower Workshop

By Vinita Lobo

Delhi/NCR Top 10 Homebakers, 2020

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